Memory foam pillows were originally created for people who suffered from neck and back problems. They give a supportive firm feel while being very comfortable to sleep on. Memory foam is an amazing material that spreads out evenly whenever pressure is applied to it. When you rest you head on the pillow, the foam will shape itself to your head no matter which way you lay. If you then move to a new position, the foam will gradually return to its original shape.It is claimed that a memory foam pillow will help sufferers of insomnia, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

Memee Pillow Contour Design

Memory foam was first developed by NASA to reduce the gravitational forces astronauts, cosmonaut feel during liftoff and was later incorporated into contour memory foam pillows. The memory foam super softens when heat comes into contact with it and moulds into your shape, giving even support to your body.

These are ergonomically designed to provide proper head and neck support, providing cervical neck support, head and spine alignment, and solutions for special needs. You will sleep better with orthopedic head and neck support.

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